Driving License

How to apply for a secondary driving license in Poland?

01.07.2011 a new traffic law came into force in Estonia, which oblige citizen’s to apply for a driving license in the country of residence. In order to apply for a secondary driving license or for a replacement of a driving license issued in Estonia into a new driving license issued in Poland, a citizen of Estonia living in Poland needs to turn to a Traffic Department (Wydział Komunikacji) in a City Office, where s/he lives (Urząd Miasta) or in a District Office in his/her region (Starostwo Powiatowe).

Demanded documents:

  • Filled application form for issuing a secondary driving license;
  • Statement (about being aware of consequences of delivering false information);
  • A photo 3,5 x 4,5 cm showing the person without any hat or dark glasses in a way that left half-profile is visible with left ear, with face evenly lightened;
  • Proof of payment for a secondary driving license (84 PLN) and for evidential fee (0,50 PLN);
  • Copy of the owned driving license;
  • While delivering documents mentioned above, an ID card or another document with a photo certifying identity, is needed for showing. Also certificate („zaświadczenie”) of registration for a permanent stay (or for a temporary stay in justified cases) has to be shown;
  • Driving license;
  • A foreigner attaches to the application also a copy of certificate of stay („Karta pobytu”), visa, or another document certifying right to stay in the territory of Poland, or a certification, that he/she studies in Poland for at least 6 months.


  • 84 zł – for issuing a secondary driving license (payment can be done by cash on spot or money transfer into bank account).
  • 0,50 PLN – evidential fee (A secondary driving license document will be produced only after the proof of payment is delivered).

Term of realization:

  • Up to 1 month.
  • Up to 2 months in extremely complicated cases.


  • There is an obligation to immediately inform Biuro Administracji i Spraw Obywatelskich of an appropriate region about losing or damaging the driving license, or about changes of data included in the driving license.
  • In case a lost driving license is regained, it has to be returned to an appropriate unit issuing driving licenses.

Similar procedure applies and similar documents are needed for replacement of a driving license issued abroad in case of loss, theft etc for persons that live permanently in Poland. For detailed information please consult a local Traffic Department.